Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Clones of Waynesboro

I was able to attempt the premeditated granulated smooches which is derived from the Russian name Schlotzkeys deli. Groping consists of mutual Alan Mulally autographs. I have not figured out why tree pruning cant be distinguished as the "gentle giant" of garrisonated caryatidic. The carillon will be set to operate last Moonday. Much to my dismay, the altered mound of guano has been identified as a malnourished clove. Here is an insert of the outcome of my journey to see the Waynesboro clone.


kevin the jerk said...

Oh, for the love of trunculating parrishes. The bovine clandestinations are muchly appreciatado by harrumphs. Oh yeah, and the dog-bird is neato.