Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Conversation between the anti-alias'...mason b and cutcliff

Here is the dialogue of two great masterminds behind corn starching waverly's anti-inflamatory drugs.

mason b: Come here mate. You know that Jenkins wants his balloons to be delivered to the corruptionated willfully.

cutcliff: But wait Toast and mucinex butter (mason b-remember the alias). The behemoth tainted oxford a while ago.

mason b: Yes and fraility is weightier than moochachos and rogaine.

cutcliff: Picuture this scenario...Filthy goes to the ocean to reunite a blended family of slow pokes and 3 toed slueths.

bainbridge: how did I, I meant he get in here? Anyways the wound up frilly goats came by last night to drop off the balloons.

cutcliff: get those lacey frontal shots over here.

mason b: lets resolve this by anxiously awaiting the ice truck again, and this time I challenge you to a duel.

cutcliff: lets go for it (jokingly but rather serious in mason b's eyes).

Lights dim and we exit to our nearest grocer's freezer burn.