Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Angler fish

I wanna be an angler fish. These guys are ferocious tape guns with large molars and incisors. How many geriatric flamethrowers can make that claim? None, says the large brown anteater. If anteaters could talk, do you think they would ask, "What in the world happened to my nose hairs?" I believe they would. Maybe I should try windsurfing with an antelope attached to my pancreas.

Wachutu tribe

AH, you may think...I seem to recall that in the movie Ace Ventura part 2. Well bumble bee tuna to you too. This is one loogi spittin son of a gun right here. This is a perfect candidate for the wachutu tribe.

This perhaps is not the greatest of wachutu members. Seemingly as it is this fella was considered a "white devil." Unlike the real tribee the contrast of color differs too much to be a representative of the infamous wachutu people group. Well I am glad we could clear this up and always remember...Bumble bee tuna, bumble bee tuna, your butt is showing!

By stappapalooza the dummustrious

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tanuki suit

Check out this pimped out tanuki suit.

Oh wait, that's a regular tanuki dog. Check out this real tanuki suit. I want one cause I'm a jerk.

by kevin the jerk


I am pursuing, the precious, what we call "tanooki". Now take in mind I am not

talking about Mario in a raccoon suit that flys with his tail. Because that simply

aint precious. Now I am talking about a Japanese Raccoon Dog. I would hate to

be camping and Mario Bros. show up in tanooki suits going through my cooler.

I would whip somebodys butt. Now if a harmless tanuki with rabies shows up and gets

in my cooler...then cool. He is cudly and deadly at the same time. No problem for

the tanuki verses the tanooki.

by the stappalapagus

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Podietry or anticipation alliances?

Is podietry the act of dieting consuming only feet? Whatever the case may be I am wondering if there is any explanation about this pictorial. I have become very doctorate about my feety ball. Dont really know if it is good for a "strange doctor" such as this lady portrayed in this illustrious photo to touch my feeties. Those are the NO-NO spots or 3. However self podiatration is also uncommon most of the time. It is an art that I have perfected.

Stupid footy balls

This blog is about my persistence with taping videos of footy balls onto my anklet. I can't figure out what happens between ACL repair surgery and topiary sculpturing, when one is art and the other is science. I think the topiary thing might be a bit of trunculating or maybe persnickety figuring. That is for you to decide.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Above is an image of the card game "pinochle", sometimes pronounced "pee-knuckle".

The definition of "pee-knuckle", according to

v. The drunken act of trying not to urinate on your hand while trying to pee and keep your balance. Usually requiring a very drunk individual.
"He just went to go to the bathroom, man, but he is so trashed he is probably in there playing pee-knuckle."

Can someone explain the difference, or is there one? Maybe David and I will make a video to document our findings.

On a more serious note...

Last night we saw the election of the first African-American President of the United States of America. Yes, it's historic, and yes, it's very cool. I just wish it were someone different. Obama is a proven Muslim with ties to terrorism in his past, however distant. I just can't understand the blindness of Americans to his facade. He will say and do anything to get approval, which is scary. What do we do when we're faced with a difficult decision in legislature, in a situation where the majority public wants something that is completely wrong, but Obama wants to please the masses? Instead of doing the right thing, he will simply appease people to keep his approval rating high. Watch and see. This country will be in the shitter in four years. God bless us all, cause we're gonna need it.

I am disappointed in the American public in general.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Is this wild turkey??

Or is it more like this here??

Either way, they both taste great.