Tuesday, March 3, 2009

gloated loins

Dough rollers and plaque inscriptions are similar to my ankle. Or pastry oven. Here is the conversation between the digits.

roller: Hey you, I have a pinecone shaped interphalangeal joint.

oven: Perhaps you should have a dermatologist pee on your nose hairs.

roller: I have acted rashly.

ankle: Goat cheese is said to have phlebotomic value.

inscriptions: No, you feline intentional foul.

oven: Blasted fools and their wee little handlebars.

roller: You should've consulted Mr. Galapagos for the password to the garden gnomes.

And so goes the dialogue betwixt all the genomes and particles.
Please refrain from describing this interaction to any and all antelopes.


stappage said...

The plot thickens after oven calls me a prosthetic sheepherder. Goes as follows.
Mua-given the fact that Ulysses embalmed the ancient screwdrivers you can't be intact.
Oven-Hark, as I shun your cleate flavored wind tunnel.
Mua-Hurry oven grip the lagrange before the process fails.
Mua-We curdled, we curdled, we curdled, We curdled, we curdled, we curdled. Games curdled.

As the story comes to a que or smoke break. Oven gets a glimpse of Sasparilla.

kevin the jerk said...

Sasparilla saunters into the room and slaps oven or screwdrivers. As the curdling continues, so goes the dialogue.

ankle-The clamstem is benign and overacting.

oven-You cannot expect a blackbelt in the culinary arts to know the difference between a fortnight and a new moon.

ankle-Oh yes, says uncle tapegun.

stappage-You are all crazy. I'm getting out of here. (proceeds to finger-walk away)

And SCENE. Or smoke break.

stappage said...

As stappage exits off stage right, ankle comments secretly to gandy.

ankle-gandy, look at how he wobbles like a mixed tocopherol to retard spoilage.

gandy-hallelujah, there are some minced cuticles among my snoopy chewables.

ankle-pay attention you grotesques bottle of lasagne.

gandy-We are leaving due to the abandonment clause enforced by smurl and greeves.

Scene 16 comes to an abrupt overature.

kevin the jerk said...

Gandy and ankle mince no words among the weary curtain rods. As there is no dialogue, the scene goes as follows...

Ankle walks around the corner and runs into stappage. There is a sense of fortuitude betwixt their gloating wrist watches. Gandy sees this and schemes to overthrow stappage's growth plate inflammation. Topiary sculptures abound in this setting, and oven is in awe of their platitudes. A brawl breaks out between all the characters, as well as with mr. platypus and the go-go dancers.

stappage said...

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Scene 87.6 opens up with ankle and snooty following each other to the tattoo removal kits anonymous meetings. Here is the actual dialogue as it happen.
ankle-wilt thouest brung me some cloak and dagger reruns.

snooty-negatory, my Gary Bussey bobblehead says NO we can't unless instructed otherwise.

ankle-thanks for your patronage in weeping for the crawling fleece packages.

snooty-sound the alarm because a synopsis was spotted spilling tomato gravy and is in danger of kamikazied flatulence.

Scene 14 gives us insight into the gleamingly obscure future of snooty and mr prindle switch.

kevin the jerk said...

THE PRNDL SWITCH IS ON FIRE! exclaimed mr. snoot badoogen.

This was the last correspondence with the entertaining trio of flatulating barges. After this exclamation, the exhausted curtain pullers spontaneously combusted and pandered to the splendid cloak and dagger metal lunch boxes.

END SCENE 4,293.4 or maybe 63