Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Toke Q

Ordinary plucking devices are like a time machine. Oh, for the sake of placation devices, says the torpid jackalope. Can you hear all the ringers from Doug Flutie's cell phone? They are telling me to pretend I am Hugh Jackman. You know, the guy that has big chops in that movie about the mutant superheros. What's the name of it? Oh yeah, Clerks. Or was that the movie about the snakes on an airplane? Maybe the one with Denzel Washington's nephew's dog. Or perhaps I am meandering around the 9mm blanks.


stappage said...

All the mono-tones in Flutie's Qualcom can not be compared to unpublished Cavenaughs geaneology. Give more thought to obstetricians before poking fun at Flute's players or oboe teachers.