Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tanuki suit

Check out this pimped out tanuki suit.

Oh wait, that's a regular tanuki dog. Check out this real tanuki suit. I want one cause I'm a jerk.

by kevin the jerk


I am pursuing, the precious, what we call "tanooki". Now take in mind I am not

talking about Mario in a raccoon suit that flys with his tail. Because that simply

aint precious. Now I am talking about a Japanese Raccoon Dog. I would hate to

be camping and Mario Bros. show up in tanooki suits going through my cooler.

I would whip somebodys butt. Now if a harmless tanuki with rabies shows up and gets

in my cooler...then cool. He is cudly and deadly at the same time. No problem for

the tanuki verses the tanooki.

by the stappalapagus