Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stupid footy balls

This blog is about my persistence with taping videos of footy balls onto my anklet. I can't figure out what happens between ACL repair surgery and topiary sculpturing, when one is art and the other is science. I think the topiary thing might be a bit of trunculating or maybe persnickety figuring. That is for you to decide.


stappage said...

In addition to your podiatrist aka topiarist, I am astounded. Mainly because I have partaking in dentifrice facial wraps. Horripilation has over took my central nervous system due to a stipulation involving Malaysian decent in the form of Trigastric dissentions.

kevin the jerk said...

Quit trying to act like I'm a mastication device. I am so torpid that even the lethargic sloth mocks my lasciviousness. Your antithesis to my gargantuan orifice tubes is appalling.

stappage said...

Mr interpretation wants comments on anti-tapir relationships. Gondola's, spontaneouses, wilting, slightly used fragil rock cd soundtracks, and last but not least, handle bars from rusted out tilt-a-whirl rides are of the same likes and dislikes!