Monday, December 22, 2008

ten random potato chips

1. I have been known to trunculate with games.
2. I have every intention of installing a flange on my cape.
3. Snellville makes me eat cake straws.
4. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, can take my garbage disposal for a ride.
5. I can't stop myself from harrassing people wearing Carhartt jackets on their metatarsals.
6. I believe tarpaulins look great on my phalanges.
7. Oh but the big green caravan of garganturific corpuscles.
8. I am getting mighty snooty in my old age, or maybe fanaticism.
9. I have a garish grin and pacifying carpal tunnels.
10. Contact lenses are my greatest accomplishment.


stappage said...

Wow! What can I say about those bicuspids except that you carhart sweat wrist bands have left me with will power to manipulate Balboa snuff movies of olden days. Noochiebadoogan engraved polo sticks and logos of ground cummin near the flanged lip of all of INXS's band members' tibula's.

stappage said...

My own taupe 10 uncle typewriters:

1. I haven't been the same since being and undergradute of unspoken glaucoma.

2. Wales and Whales are my favorite kind of leeeeefy green bread.

3. Th e medi an gave some


4. Shards of sharks, and curds of curdled rainchecks have checked on the rain.

5-6. I am nearly grape

7-8. Judith from the weight loss committee is my long time snorkel winkle.

9. Synopsis' can't meet the requirements of...wait! wait! ok.

10. My silk milk and washer depot's take us for granite or I've lost my MARBLES.

kevin the jerk said...

Card games are not to be taken lightly by postulating simon and garfunkles.