Thursday, December 11, 2008

under the cycle of pituitaries

My esteemed colleague Mr. Stupid has informed me of his intent to become a swashbuckler. Well, this got me thinking... what do tentacle suction cups have to do with unitards? Or maybe leotard-type alarm clocks? In the spirit of companionship, I have offered my services as a snowshoe. Keep on taking cookies from the milk cupboard, if you prefer to be an anklet theif. Here I have attached a picture of the culprit.


stappage said...
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stappage said...

AHH, what a refreshing relief we have conjured up a snapshot if you will, of the perpetrater. I had in mind to weed out all probability that it could have been the moose from the get along gang, or the sweater mr Rodgers used to wear. I also suspected the infamous "My Buddy" doll, but in light of this new evidence I believe Grimace was also to do as well up in he-yah.