Friday, December 12, 2008

Yes Frothy, the SSSS NoMan said "___________"!! again

Making my way through the malnurished potato patch. I was completely alone, I THOUGHT. Much to my dismay the realization came to me. Someone or thing was in front of me. A milky looking ancient cuniform tranlator stepped out of the darkness to approach me. At first I was hesistant to perform some martial arts moves on his neck. As I physically assaulted him, he let out a strange cry that sound like "I did not win the smooching olympics persay. I came in eleventeenth place and ranked
1st among the meat grinder convention. Come to find out he had actually escaped and I was beating up his empty prescrition bottle of tonsillitis antibodies!


kevin the jerk said...

That freakin prescription bottle was my way of saying "Eat mor chikin", you fat piece of James.

stappage said...

aw good night a livinge